We Moving Fast

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Before I tell you the short story behind this piece, understand that the photos, no matter how detailed or brilliant, do not properly express how cool this can looks in person. I'm biased, but I promise you will not be disappointed by the depth of the color in this one.

These ideas are moving ahead faster than I originally expected. The more I make, the faster people want their hands on them. So I'm focusing my energy toward momentum, and I'm not stopping for anyone. So get on board, if you can, and hold on for your life, because We Moving Fast!


These are created using discarded spray cans that I have used on other pieces of art, so the media becomes the substrate, and where it goes from there is anyone's guess until I believe they are finished.


  • One of a kind piece of 3-dimensional art
  • Mixed media on metal
  • Comes unmounted, as you see here
  • 7.5" tall | 3" diameter