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We Find Ourselves

We Find Ourselves

Have you ever taken account of all the conversations happening in your head at any given moment? Perhaps it's only me, but my mind is always being pulled in different directions in order to satisfy whatever the world needs of me.

Daily I tangle with the needs of being a husband, father, business owner, partner, mentor, and visual artist. And when I feel the most manic, it's the art that centers me. 

Sometimes when I have too many things going on at once, sitting down at my art table can be nerve-wracking, wondering if my time would be better served elsewhere, but within minutes of putting paint to canvas, I'm in a different world, and all the external influences are silenced.

Those other duties still need attention, of course, but they can wait for a few more moments.

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One of 100 small pieces created in preparation for the 2022 Long Beach Open Studio Tour, but you're lucky enough to see them first. Buy two of these pieces or more and save!

  • 6x6" Mixed Media Collage on Paper
  • Comes shipped in a flat-pack envelope
  • Frame not included
  • Free Shipping in North America
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