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The Radical Thing

The Radical Thing

 I have a friend who I no longer talk with because he's a bit of a despicable person. He's not a criminal and not a band influence. He just isn't very kind.

He's hedonistic at times, yet conservative in his values–it's kinda weird. He has a tendency to speak to people with an almost quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) level of disrespect.

I love him because we grew up together and came through some really tough things together and as individuals. However, I've learned to let him go because he's not great for my soul. 

I let him go not because I dislike him, but because I have learned to love myself more, and that means not letting that kind of toxicity into my life. 

Expressing love for yourself feels like a radical idea, but it is essential for honoring yourself and those that matter the most to you.

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One of 100 small pieces created in preparation for the 2022 Long Beach Open Studio Tour, but you're lucky enough to see them first. Buy two of these pieces or more and save!

  • 6x6" Mixed Media Collage on Paper
  • Comes shipped in a flat-pack envelope
  • Frame not included
  • Free Shipping in North America


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