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All of the pieces of this series started from much larger sheets, each one filled with random shapes, lines, blobs, and splatters. All of them require more work to bring out their essence, but some require much less manipulation than most.

Satisfied is the feeling I had when I laid this piece down on the work table, because of all the pieces I made up until this moment, this one already felt done.

Of course, I had to help it along a little bit, but sometimes the randomness of things can become the art itself. 

=== === ===

One of 100 small pieces created in preparation for the 2022 Long Beach Open Studio Tour, but you're lucky enough to see them first. Buy two of these pieces or more and save!

  • 6x6" Mixed Media Collage on Paper
  • Comes shipped in a flat-pack envelope
  • Frame not included
  • Free Shipping in North America
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