Practice Fearless Creativity Hand-Painted Journal

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My mother was one of those who had an unquenchable thirst for redecorating the house any chance should could. I used to tease my friends by telling them to not stand around in one spot too long, because she'll end up painting them. 

Turns out, that apple doesn't fall very far from the tree at all.

Ever since I started painting 3-dimensional objects, I don't look at things around me the same. Whenever my wife gets an urge to purge, ditching out all the old things that never get used, I find myself sifting through them to check there art-worthiness. And when she piled up a stack of unused journals she had gotten from various industry events, before she could toss them in the bin, I snatched them up and took them to the art studio. 

This journal is my second foray into these journal projects (the first one I gave back to my wife as a gift for giving me the impulse), and I think the phrasing fits the idea of the book perfectly. 

Practice fearless creativity always!

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  • 5x7" hardbound journal
  • Acrylic mixed-media on
  • 120 lined, off-white pages
  • Black page ribbon and elastic security strap
  • Signed by the artist
  • A custom note can be added on the interior cover at your request