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Not Everything Needs to Have a Moral Compass

$ 250.00

Years ago, at the Guggenheim gallery, I saw hundreds of paintings from modern masters. It was the first time I had witnessed modern art first hand, and it made a profound impression upon me.

Among the work from Picassos, Pollocks, and Rauschenbergs, there were a few paintings by Jasper Johns. At the time, I couldn't place why I was enamored by his work, but his approach to turning iconography and typography into art struck a chord. I've been a fan ever since.

Years later, as I'm working through this current series of art, I find myself experimenting with a new piece, and using stencils, part in homage to Johns' work, but also because typography is at the core of who I as an artist and designer.

As this piece came together, even though I had a bigger message to convey, I couldn't get passed this stage. The piece felt done, and I loved the way it looked. There was no need to push through. That other idea would have to wait.

This piece is as much a tribute to an art heroes as it is a voluntary relinquishing of control, and learning to accept what happens.

The Deets

  • Acrylic and mixed media
  • 11x14" Wood Panel
  • 1-1/2" profile (side)
  • No frame included
  • Can be hung as is

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