Leaving My Mark - Mini Munny

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Something that can be both frustrating, and yet inspiring, are the random marks left on a piece while it's in process. Sometimes those come from my own hand. Other times, they come from overspray of another item, or when the piece falls over and gets marred by other elements.

When it first happens, I'm usually upset by it, but then I remember the now cliché words of Bob Ross, "There are no mistakes—only happy accidents."

Embrace the imperfections, tell people you meant to do it, and then charge more because it adds character.


  • Figure is a 3” Kidrobot Munny
  • Head and arms articulate
  • Mixed media with acrylic paint, aerosol acrylic, paint markers, and finished with a UV protectant semi-gloss varnish
  • This is a one of a kind item, signed by the artist.