It Ain’t A Party Until Someone Breaks the WiFi

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The best thing about life is that it presents challenges. These challenges help us grow, help us learn, and help us relate to others. Sometimes the best thing in the world is having your internet connection go down, allowing you time to take care of more analog needs, like making art with friends. 

This can is a little different than most  instead of being one of the cans I used in my art, this one was washed ashore on the beach near my home. Not only do I love the decay, but I truly appreciate the opportunity to take trash and turn it into Art.

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These objects are created using discarded spray cans, that either I, or artist friends have used on other pieces of art. The media becomes the substrate, and where it goes from there is anyone's guess until I believe they are finished.


  • One of a kind piece of 3-dimensional art
  • Mixed media on metal
  • Comes unmounted, as you see here
  • Signed by artist and comes with certificate of authenticity
  • 7.5" tall | 3" diameter