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I'm Very Popular With Russian Bikini Models

$ 250.00

Career spammers are an interesting breed. Despite being some of the most despised individuals on the internet, they might be the most persistent beings on the planet. They work tirelessly to put their information out onto the internet, day in and day out, and their efforts are constantly thwarted.

They pop up, and they are blocked. They regroup, arise again like a slimy phoenix, and they are extinguished. Again and again this process continues. They are both resolute, and relentless in their pursuit of a click, because a single click can bring them the beginning of riches.

A spammers sole function in life is to get your attention long enough to click a link. They obviously know what works, and if you're on Instagram, it usually comes at the hands (and bosom) of thin, beautiful, scantily clad ladies. Their presence on your feed implies that you might be able to meet more just like them, but first you must click that link.

This piece is my tribute to the spammers persistent efforts to persuade me to click through with the help of Russian bikini models.

The Deets

  • Acrylic and mixed media
  • 11x14" Wood Panel
  • 1-1/2" profile (side)
  • No frame included
  • Can be hung as is

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