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I've had this dream of buying an old Xerox machine, one that doesn't operate quite so well, and gets more and more deteriorated with each new copy. 

I also like having a flatbed scanner that glitches out now and then or is a bit too scratched up. 

These antiquated technologies give an aesthetic character to the design that can't easily be replicated digitally, but sometimes we must do our best. 

This pack is my attempt to recreate some of those copy and scan textures, and when you mix them up and work them together in your images, some amazing results can happen. 

What's Included

  • 12 grayscale textures in both PNG and JPG format


Works in most digital design and art applications, including Adobe, Affinity, Procreate, Inkscape, Canva, and others.

Licenses & Terms

* Standard License grants commercial usage in most cases for 1 seat/user. Can be used on and up to 5,000 product units. Can be used for streaming up to 100,000 views. Cannot be used for software applications.

** Extended License grants all Standard License commercial usage and can be used on products above 5,000 units. Can also be used in software applications and streaming above 100,000 views.

† The effects, filters, and adjustment layers shown in the example images are for display purposes and not included as part of the digital product.

This product and its contents cannot be resold or repackaged under any circumstances. All rights are reserved by Dave Conrey Art & Design, ©2021.

To see more on how I use these items in my projects, check out my YouTube channel for tutorials:

NOTE: Images and fonts shown are not included in the package, and are shown for demonstration purposes.