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Cheap Fun

Cheap Fun

I'm a man of simple needs. Most of the things my family indulges in are inexpensive. Many years ago, my wife and I agreed that we would much rather give each other experiences than gifts. 

We don't have expensive cars or dress in extravagant clothing. I would much rather enjoy a night out together at a casual restaurant with great food that fills our bellies and our hearts. 

Cheap fun lasts much longer in our memories than expensive trinkets or status symbols. Diamond rings are nice, but I'm way more interested in enjoying my time with the person wearing them. 

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One of 100 small pieces created in preparation for the 2022 Long Beach Open Studio Tour, but you're lucky enough to see them first. Buy two of these pieces or more and save!

  • 6x6" Mixed Media Collage on Paper
  • Comes shipped in a flat-pack envelope
  • Frame not included
  • Free Shipping in North America
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