Beacon 90-Day Gratitude and Goals Journal

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The purpose of Beacon, 90-Day Gratitude and Goals Journal is to provide you with both the grace and focus you and your projects require. As humans, we are prone to judging our project efforts, personal or professional, and criticizing those efforts when they didn’t match our higher than average expectations.

The way this journal operates is by starting with a weekly plan, notating what you’d like to get accomplished on each day of the week, and then focus on the plan to make each day happen. The goal is not to fill up every time slot of every day but instead focus on your desired result for the week and break that down into daily objectives.

Copies purchased through this site will be signed by Dave and come with a high probability of extras.

  • Softcover, perfect bound with 200+ pages for goals oriented reflection
  • Full-color cover art rotated every three months—add to your collection
  • 26 pages of weekly goals
  • 90+ pages for daily gratitude and reflection
  • 90+ sketchbook/scrapbook pages for notes, art, or whatever suits your style
  • Printed on-demand through Amazon's KDP publishing platform
  • US deliveries within 5-7 business days