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Lashes on Fleek Is No Measure of Success

$ 300.00

Internet memes are funny, especially when we appropriate the culture of another group. "On fleek" became a phenomena almost overnight due in part to one young, black girls self expression.

At first it was mocked, then it was mimicked, and before long, white girls all over where using it to describe their own status. Trends and fads happen, both in real life, and especially on the Internet, but perhaps we should take some time to evaluate how much we attach ourselves to them.

This piece is not meant to be a critique of the term "on fleek", but rather, a declaration that there are more important things in life than taking cultural references, and using them as some sort of barometer for a life well lived.

Take out those boxer braids, stop twerking in the club, and find something to make your own. Want to show the world you're a success at life? Stop living someone else's life and be yourself.  

The Deets

  • Acrylic and mixed media
  • 12x16" Wood Panel
  • 1-1/2" profile (side)
  • No frame included
  • Can be hung as is

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