Hi I'm Dave and I Make Things

People like to watch me make things. They enjoy seeing the process, and when I present it in an accessible way, it helps give them the permission they desire to go do their own thing. 

I make all these things, not just to sell to people who would have my art on their walls.

I make these things to inspire others to go make their own things... but by all means, buy some of my art and hang it on your wall. I'm totally cool with that. 

=== === ===

I'm an artist and graphic designer from Southern California. Born in the high desert area of Apple Valley, but quickly shuttled off to the Los Angeles area with my parents as a small child, eventually spending the majority of my youth in the suburban confines of Orange County.

I grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s with punk rock, hip hop, skateboarding and beach culture, but it wasn’t until I left California for Austin, Texas where I solidified my creative roots.

While in school, working mindless jobs, I often found myself perusing the stacks or magazines at local book stores, until one day realizing my passion for graphic design.

Many years later, while working as an art director for a large magazine publishing company, I felt compelled to test these creative impulses in new ways, and took to paint and canvas.

Since then, I've spent much of my time trying to bring these two creative worlds together, mixing design aesthetic with paint, pens, and found elements from the streets of Long Beach, where I've lived with my family for nearly two decades.