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Introducing the Art Lessons Podcast... Sorta

It's official—I have started yet another podcast, but this one is different than any other I've done before.

Ok, it's not hugely different, but instead of me interviewing people about their creative careers, I'm sharing my own journey as a creative professional, in the style and standards that you would expect from me.

Granted, if this is the first time you've heard me cast a pod, well then here you go. You'll learn to appreciate my approach over time, which is good, because I need at least another episode or two to shake off the recording rust.

Today, I'm talking about loss—specifically, losing contact with a good friend, which is heavy, but through it all, I learned new things about myself that I couldn't have anticipated before.

I also reiterate for the podcast listeners, and go into greater detail about the four most important words in my language right now.

Finally, I answer a popular question, whether to chase after the work you love, or to do for what you know will resonate with fans. It's a tough question, but I try to tackle it for you.

The podcast isn't live on iTunes yet, but when it is, I encourage you to find it there, subscribe, and leave a review. I also would be totally stoked if you shared it with some friends, because we have a lot of work to do, helping creative people feel more kick-ass about the work they do.


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