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You're not seeing the opportunity

Bad and unfortunate things happen to us all the time. It's how we choose to react to them is what makes the difference between winning and losing.

Are we looking for the opportunities within the turmoil, or are we looking for pity and commiseration? I don't know about you, but I'd much rather find a way to make lemonade from those lemons.

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  • Michelle on

    I really just wanted to email you, but couldn’t find that contact info…so this isn’t meant to be posted as a comment; it’s a real question for you. BTW, I found you because I was researching artists who took B-School and it finally catapulted them into the financial sphere they’d always dreamed of dancing around in. So…I’m listening to you as one who took her course and are implementing what you learned. So…that in mind…in this video you raise a thought that fucking PLAGUES me! Namely, if we find out that those who we’ve attracted are not buying our “big art” (our heart’s babies), even after complimenting the shit out of it, but instead are buying the random meme merch we’ve created simply to draw their attention SO THEY CAN GET A TASTE OF OUR INNER WORKINGS AND SEE, LOVE, AND BUY OUR BIG ART…do we pivot how we spend our time into making more lower tier stuff or do we say to ourselves, “Self, you have attracted the wrong audience!” and get better at finding the audience that IS so in line with our heart that they think our big art prices are A STEAL?!? The amount of effort you put into these videos boggles my mind. All a gift. My gift (I’m told) is simply writing like I talk. That’s it. Facebook is a chore because I don’t want to spend time in rabbit holes or responding to people who hate my opinions if I ever let myself reveal them. Instagram is a distracting shiny way to share how I see my world, but it’s not even of the art I have for SALE so it feels like a total time sink. Speaking of IG, I don’t get why I get follows from people who never bother to like anything and when I go to their gallery/page/whatever-it’s-called, I think, no…I don’t really want to see this stuff. Was their follow but not liking just an IG way to get more follows—like find the people who sorta have stuff that make you think they might like your stuff and just follow then unfollow if they don’t follow? WHA?

    So I think I could talk to you for a long time, because there’s more where this came from, but I’ll spare you. I’ve bought more online marketing programs over the last 5 years than I care to admit. If you had gotten to the place where you were selling your big art like crazy, I might’ve reconsidered B-School, but I can’t budget (think fixed income) $199/mo for a year if it’s not the holy catapult.

    Thanks for listening…visually.

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