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Theres this question I like to ask myself every now and then, just to see where I stand as an artist and business owner.

“If you were given a choice to look into your future to see where you end up, would you take it?"

There’s a few ways to look at this compelling quandary. If you say yes, and the outcome is ultimately positive, does that make you happy, or does it steal the adventure of the unknown away from you, making the journey less meaningful? 

On the other hand, maybe the outcome is negative, and you go about trying to fix it but realize that changing course may be the reason things didn’t work out as planned? 

My answer to the question changes every time. Sometimes I am so self-assured of the direction of my work, I don’t want to spoil the journey, trusting in my instinct that everything is going to work out. 

Other times, when I’m not so sure of what’s going presently, I wish I could get a small glimpse, just for the reassurance of staying on the path. But again, those pitfalls above exist.

Of course nobody has a crystal ball to predict their future, so this personal mind game really isn’t all that helpful, but I believe that this question is something most creative professionals ponder. 

Am I on the right path?

I make art, design products, create videos, and I share stories like this. Each one of those is a part of my creative process, but I realized some years ago that they are merely a vehicle for me to show my true calling.

More than any of those, the one thing I get complimented on the most is how I inspire people to get back into making their creative work. Nothing gives me more juice than when I hear someone share that I helped them start drawing/painting/writing/making things again.

Yes, I can make things; I make lots of things, but my true art is helping others find their creative spirit. I’ve known this truth about myself for awhile now, but for some reason, I tend to push it into the background, when it really should be the thing I lead with wherever I show up.

I also learned awhile ago that, even though people enjoy my art, they don’t clamor for it. People are not knocking down my door to get at my work, and I’m sure that’s the case for mosts artists. We make things and occasionally people are inspired enough to buy. However, what I’ve found to be more true is that when I inspire others, and I do it often, they tend to return the favor by buying art and merch from me.

I’m dedicating this first week of November to figuring out how to better use this skillset in all the places I show my face. What does this look like for TikTok as well as Twitter? How do I apply it on YouTube and Twitch? The tools of art and design will always be present and ready in my belt, but my uniform is in how I show up for others.

Oh, I’ve also decided that I’m dedicating myself to writing more often. Some have asked for it, so I’ll be pushing forward with this more regularly too. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for being part of this.

Dave Conrey


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