This is the hard left turn

Posted by Dave Conrey on

Over the holiday, I sold a piece of art with that title, Sometimes Life Requires a Hard Left Turn.

I've managed through several left turns in my career, and since we're finally leaving behind the worst year in modern history, I think 2021 is prime for a new crank of the wheel.

The way I look at my work prior to this moment, it's been all about the experimentation. Through that experimentation, I've found my rhythm, and now I know what I want my work to be. 

In the background, I've been working on some new clothing designs, a brand I'm calling Tiger Hero, which embodies my view on the world in more graphic way.

Tiger Hero is about embracing creative expression and encouraging it in others.

Tiger Hero is about speaking up about the things you care about most.

Tiger Hero is about is immediate, and at the same time, temporary.

I've always been fascinated by the cyclical culture of fashion brands, using seasons to dictate collections. I will be incorporating that idea into what I release, and this first drop will be my Spring collection.

Along with Tiger Hero branded goods, I will also be releasing new art prints and other goods throughout February and into March of 2021.

Stay tuned to this space, because the change is happening.


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