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12 tips to turn your Inktober art into cash and swag

Posted by Ginger Cummings on

Inktober 2020 is done, so now what? What are we to do with all these art pieces that are currently just taking up space on our desks, or in my case, my hard drive? Here are 12 tips to turn that work into something of value, whether it ends up as gifts to give for the holidays, decorations for the home, or maybe let it give something back to us by making some money with the art.

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Building Another Shopify Store to Sell My Designs

Posted by Dave Conrey on

I'm building a brand new store on the Shopify platform, and instead of keeping it secret, like so many other designers do with the print on demand projects, I'm going to keep my way out in the open, so that you can join me on the journey, and maybe do it for yourself as well.

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