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Memento Mori Casual Leggings

Posted by Ginger Cummings on

You only get one life, and you never know when it might be over. We can fret over this, or we can choose to live each day as if we do not know the outcome.  Memento Mori is Latin for, "Remember your death." This is not about being careless with life, but more about knowing that you have a chance to make something of it today, and if this was your last day, would you be proud of how you lived. Let these leggings be a reminder of that philosophy.    

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I'm finally offering gift cards!

Posted by Dave Conrey on

For those who want to buy a larger, more costly piece of art, but don't have the money to spend all at once; consider buying these virtual gift cards or yourself, in smaller denominations, and collect them until you have enough to buy that piece you so desire.

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