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12 tips to turn your Inktober art into cash and swag

Posted by Ginger Cummings on

Inktober 2020 is done, so now what? What are we to do with all these art pieces that are currently just taking up space on our desks, or in my case, my hard drive? Here are 12 tips to turn that work into something of value, whether it ends up as gifts to give for the holidays, decorations for the home, or maybe let it give something back to us by making some money with the art.

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Doing Work — Getting Sticky

Posted by Dave Conrey on

Not too long ago, I asked my Instagram constituency what they thought should be my next project, picking between buttons, sticker packs, or patches. Aside from a few outliers who decided to tell me to do something outside those parameters, the majority of the participants ranked everything almost completely equal... with a slight edge to sticker packs.  So I got to work and have produced a total of 5 new stickers, including this holographic Do The Work sticker. There will be a variety in the pack, but I'm keeping that a secret for now. You'll just have to wait and...

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