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So, YouTube made some interesting changes

If you're like me, and make videos on a regular basis, and within those videos, you also may have been a "partner" where you made a few pennies via the advertising you had playing before your videos.

And then you got a notification this week, that because you don't quite have the amount of subscribers they deem as necessary, that you got your "partner" status stripped away.

And you may have been upset about it at first, because the language of the message from YouTube was almost inflammatory and insulting, as if you had done something wrong to make it happen.

Then you may have been upset about it, but after thinking about it more deeply, you realize that you weren't making any real money on those ads anyway, and not having the ads on your videos actually makes them more appealing to your viewers.

So instead of getting down about the whole event, you realize that it's all really a wake up call to help you better understand that you not only need to focus money-making energy into places that actually make you money.

Or maybe that's just me.

All that really happened, and it happened to a lot of people, but the epiphany of seeing the greener side of the grass is largely my experience.

The videos will always be a thing for me, because I really enjoy them. In fact, there's a new one at the bottom of this note that I just published on Saturday that you may enjoy. Everything is status quo.

Aside from the missing monetization on the videos, the only thing that has changed over the last week is my clarity and focus on the things that help put real money in my pocket.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others help me get the attention, and instead of hoping to pick up some coin from ad share, or affiliate links, it's much better for me to be driving that attention the things I sell.

On top of that, I know that I need to be doing more to get different art and products produced so you all have an opportunity to get your hands on something (if that's your want).

The then obvious upside is, if I'm making more stuff to sell, I have more opportunity to document and share those things being produced; which makes for great video content.

It all comes full circle

The more I think about it, the more juiced I get about the opportunity. There's so much possibility around us, but are we taking full advantage of it? I'm doing a lot, but I definitely have the capacity to do more.

Long story short, I'm really stoked that I am no longer pushing for ad money on my YouTube. In fact, even if I hit the required amount of followers to be eligible for the partner program, I'm not sure I'll jump back on that band wagon right away, because there may be greater opportunity elsewhere.

We'll just have to see how it all plays out, and until then, I have some stuff to make.

Until next time,


PS - Here's the video. That piece is for sale; just sayin'.

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