I've been incredibly disloyal

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Earlier this year, I made a couple videos about why I left Adobe products behind, and moving to new platforms. As a professional graphic artist, that's a pretty significant declaration.

Those videos caused quite a stir, and I've had plenty of dissenting comments. The videos gained some steam and a staggering amount of "Adobe Bros" come out of their troll dens to try and convince me that I was an idiot for leaving the comfort of Adobe's firm grasp.

Loyalty is for suckers

I used to work for a man who would say, "I'm loyal to the software, not the hardware." Basically he meant that if Apple had gone away (which was a possibility back in the 90s), he would have no problem moving to Windows, because that's where Adobe would go.

Well, Apple isn't going anywhere in our lifetime, but Adobe on the other hand, is finding an honest to goodness competitor in Affinity.

No, the Affinity products aren't quite as robust as their Adobe equivalents, but they're young company and developing as they go. Adobe is a juggernaut and they don't have to worry about Affinity... yet, but there will be a time in the future where the big dog will be threatened by the growing pup. 

I chose Affinity over Adobe mostly due of price. Adobe's subscription model has grown exorbitant, and I felt like I was paying for several additional pieces of software that I would never use.

Affinity's alternatives don't have all the bells and whistles that Adobe can offer, and likely not a good option for teams or companies trying to work together. However, for an individual like me, Affinity gives me exactly what I need.

But this isn't really about Affinity vs. Adobe.

This is about being flexible to change and open to new opportunities. 

Will Shopify and Mailchimp always be the tools I use to sell and communicate? What about Instagram, YouTube and TikTok?

Not likely.

I'm happy with most of those apps and platforms right now, but I never want to be caught behind. TikTok could have been shut down in America this past week, but they got an extension on their deadline to find an American business to partner with. It's not a lock though, and that's still a concern for me because I have grown significantly there.

I'm finally back on Twitch.tv on a regular basis now, streaming my live art making, Mondays and Fridays at 2pm PST. My following on Twitch is minuscule compared to TikTok, but where I lack in viewership, I make up in being able to share more than just a view of my face. 

I decided recently that I will be utilizing my Etsy shop in conjunction with my Shopify website. Etsy likely won't be the place where I can sell large canvases for thousands of dollars, but for what does fit that market it presents a big opportunity to get my work in front of people who may not have found me otherwise.

I probably will never abandon my Shopify for Etsy, but if I found that I was doing significantly better on Etsy, you better believe that I would put a lot more of my attention there.

Loyalty to apps and platforms seems ridiculous to me, especially because the tide is always moving on them. What I'm loyal to instead is the belief in my work and what I feel I have to offer. If a new platform gives me a chance to share that belief with a new group of people, then I'm going to take that opportunity. 
On that note, it's time to ramp up for the holiday rush. I don't even think that's a thing for me, but 2020 has been weird, so we'll see what happens.

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