I swore I wouldn’t make anymore physical art…I lied.

Release Your Expectation original art by Dave Conrey

There I was, standing in a gallery during an opening, chatting with friends and my Mom, all of who had art on the walls. I also had a piece on display that I made reluctantly because I happened to be one of the show organizers, and I felt it was necessary to participate.

While standing close to my piece, talking with friends and Mom, one of the gallery workers walk over and put a 🔴 on the tag of my work. If you assumed I would be happy about that, you’d be mostly right.

I was thoroughly stoked and surprised that someone bought my piece, but a small part of me knew that this meant others would expect me to make more, and I wasn’t wrong.

A few moments later, Mom congratulated me on being the first piece sold in the show. Then she followed it up by telling me she wanted to take part in the Long Beach Open Studio Tour and asked if I would do it with her.

Sidebar: Mom happens to live in a back unit on our property and we share the backyard and patio area.

Almost as if she knew the euphoric feeling of selling art would have me at a disadvantage, I said yes. I wasn’t sure what that meant at that moment, but the commitment was made.

And of course, me being me, I can’t do things simply.

‘We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard.’ - John F. Kennedy

Instead of selling some of the art I already had available, and making a few more pieces between now and the event, I decided I was going to make a hundred new pieces because I like big, round numbers...

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 The art pictured has been sold, but I have plenty of originals to choose from