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I have learned from being around all types of creators, something to strive toward as a exceptional artist, is to invest your time and heart into not only working, but motivating and inspiring other creative people. I believe, Dave, is the most dedicated person for this position. He has gone above and beyond, for many fellow creators and they could not be more thankful for him as well as many others.

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As a creative person, you may second guess yourself or find many mistakes.  Frustration does happen. You may, at one point, walk away from the work you envisioned moving one way. When it does not go as seen, you stop and never look back on it. Because, “It is not perfect,” or, “It’s not turning out how I imagined it should be.” Every thought to make you turn your back on what you love doing...creating.

Dave once said, “Pitch that tent, camp for awhile then head back down that path again.” He is reminding us all, that it is perfectly okay to be not perfect. Stay open minded. Take that break. Walk away, but make sure that you return to it and finish it. Surprise yourself with the outcome. Stay positive, and never stop going back to what you started. Do the work. Finish it. 

Finding someone to be on your team, like Dave Conrey, was not as difficult to find, due to social media. Platforms such as, TikTok, have impacted many people’s lives. The connections Dave has made with the many that follow, has kept numerous artists continuing to create or help restart creative people.

Elisa Uhrynowski, a fellow artist person and fellow creator on TikTok, has become motivated and inspired by Dave to continue doing what she loves as a creative person . She writes, draws, paints and more. Elisa recently wrote an article explaining how a simple social media brought Dave into her artist world and how he has changed the way she sees her artist side. To not walk away or quit on anything. Erase the words, paint over the painting and keep pushing forward. She goes on to say, “We need to be open to making mistakes and painting over those layers over and over and over again to keep going, to keep trying, to keep making over and over and over and not stop until you are satisfied.”

Which is exactly what Dave believes in and repeats on to others. To have people on the same team with this similar mindsets, can make the world a more beautiful place. Elisa explains the impacts of the beliefs her and Dave share. Hopefully they and many others can continue to inspire and push more forward as more art, no matter the form, will keep the world a beautiful place.


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